Friday, September 3, 2010

Ok, just one more... about Dollar Tree candles, bad lighting pictures and all. Well maybe just one more...

Take my favorite hurricane vase from the Dollar Tree and use your trusty E-6000 glue to adhere a "universal top bottom candle holder" (or so it is labeled at Dollar Tree) to the bottom. Simple enough? It creates just a slightly different look than using a glass candleholder on the bottom as in my Pampered Chef party post. It looks a little bit more substantial maybe?

Not the best picture ever, but I wanted to show you the two pieces separately.

Add a colored, pillar candle...

Or some 25 cent garage sale fake leaves around a plain, white "prayer candle"

Instant Fall Beautification!

Close-up of the base

As I have said many times - the possibilities are endless!

River rocks or colored marbles nestled around the candle would be beautiful.
Stack some mini pumpkins inside for some autumn time flare.
Fill it with brightly colored Christmas ornaments for a thrifty yet elegant holiday table decoration.
Makes a great hostess gift too.

Oh how I love the versatility!

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  1. Nicole!!! You are truly my new crafty-wife-and-mother HERO!!! What a fantastic blog!!! Easily my new favorite blog now!! How creative and crafty you are!! I have been wanting to go garage sale-ing and I am definitely going this weekend. You have inspired me!! I LOVE the fall and I love all your fun fall decor crafts and fall recipes. Seriously, great job and I LOVE your blog!!