Friday, February 25, 2011

In honor of ketchup...and free fries

Have you seen these new, super cute and completely practical Heinz ketchup packets from Chick-fil-a?

Be still my heart :) . I think I am in love.

I know it may sound pathetic but these new ketchup packets have made eating Chick-fil-a waffle fries a more delightful experience.

My father-in-law swears by Heinz ketchup. He says it is the only ketchup to use. I've never really felt like there was much difference between ketchup brands. Until now.

I had some waffle fries the other day and the combination of ketchup in a convenient dippable container with the waffle fries was delicious. I considered going back and getting another order of fries ;). Not to mention, these packets contain 3 times as much ketchup as the old ketchup packets. So you spend less time trying to squeeze the ketchup from a gazillion packets in order to get a nice amount to dip from. You can also squeeze the ketchup from these packets by opening it a different way if you prefer that method too dipping. So versatile!

And you are in luck! If you haven't had the chance to try the new ketchup, next Friday, March 4 from 2-4pm is your day. Chick-fil-a is giving away one medium order of waffle fries when you mention you're there to try the new Heinz Dip and Squeeze! It is a win-win situation: ketchup and FREE fries. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Wow! It sure has been awhile since I last posted! I just wanted all my blog readers to know that I am still here and I plan to start blogging regularly again very soon.

Life has been full of distractions over the past month. Between Jeremy, Spencer, and me we took turns being sick through mid-January. Something about having your face hurt from sinus pressure just takes the blogging energy right out of ya! Then I made a trip to Utah with my mom and sister to attend a women's conference and spend a little girl time together.

While I was out of town, Jeremy called me to say that there had been a fire at our house (we live with my in-laws currently)! I'll admit I didn't believe him at first. We were very lucky. The fire was contained to the sun room at the back of the house and we didn't lose much. Everyone got out of the house ok and the house mostly sustained smoke damage. It could have been MUCH worse and I continue to remind myself everyday that we are blessed. My family was certainly protected that night.

We have been living in a hotel while things are being cleaned up and repaired at our house. The hotel will be our home for several more weeks...I am trying to keep a positive attitude. Living in a hotel is not my favorite thing. But I am grateful :). Life will go on. We will be back in our house soon enough. And I will be blogging again someday soon...until are just a few pictures my father-in-law took of the fire damage.

The door from the living room to the sun room

My whole spray paint collection was destroyed :(.
I did most of my spray painting in the sun room.
I'm sure having all those cans out there helped fuel some of the fire too...
Spencer's picnic table completely melted over his water activity table