Sunday, March 27, 2011

Easter Greetings for your Front Door

I was inspired by Kimberly over at Mommy Savers to make an adorable Easter wreath from Peeps! Isn't it heavenly? It makes me smile everytime I come through the front door :).

This lovely wreath greets visitors who come to our house with some bright Easter cheer and fabulous, chocolate colored, satin ribbon (Doesn't that just sound luscious? You know I love me some satin ribbon...).

*Sigh* ... I do love that satin ribbon bow

Now I must warn you. I have had Peeps lovin' family members threaten to nibble at my wreath. So you may find that one of your bunny Peeps is missing an ear after assembling this wreath. I am not a Peeps lover, so I had no problem using them for my crafting purposes. But, I'm just sayin' . You may want to keep this out of reach of small, marshmallow-loving children :). What you will need to assemble a Peeps wreath:

12" foam wreath (I found one at Dollar Tree but you can find them at Michaels or Hobby Lobby)

brown satin ribbon

2 packs of peeps - about 22 peeps

glue gun

This wreath is very easy to assemble. Just start wrapping your satin ribbon around your wreath form and hot glue it in place. Then hot glue your Peeps around the wreath and finish it off with a big bow. I used 1" brown satin ribbon and it took about 12 yards, but if you used bigger ribbon it would take less. Kimberly at Mommy Savers said it only took her 5 yards of 2" ribbon to cover her wreath form. I hope you enjoy your Peeps wreath as much as we have! Happy crafting!

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  1. Oh, I love this!!!! Sooooo cute!! I'm definitely making pink, though!