Sunday, September 26, 2010

Frugal Finds, Fall Goodness, and Other Things

This is kind of a catch-all post of several things that have been swirling around in my brain to share with you.

The first order of business - Frugal Finds

I didn't make it out garage saleing this week but I wanted to show you my finds from last week:

Popcorn popper - $2
(I have plans to make some of THIS soon...yummy!)
Lamp - $1
(I really just bought this for the lampshade)
chunky frame - 50 cents
green vase - 25 cents
5 decorative, classic books - 50 cents each ($2.50)
mug tree - 50 cents
(I love spray painting these and using them to hang jewelry on.)
Grand Total: $6.75
My favorite find was the books. I couldn't resist them when I saw "Gone With the Wind." Just classic. And it makes you look scholarly to have fancy books on your bookshelf ;) .
The next order of business - some fall goodness

I recently put together this little fall display and thought I would share a few tips with you:
Tip #1 - Use things from nature to bring a little fall into your decor. The small pumpkins add some color to the display. You can find them at your local grocery store for cheap. I used acorns that have been falling from a tree in our front yard (the driveway has literally been COVERED with them!) around the candle in my hurricane candelholder. They add a little texture and were absolutely free!
Tip #2 - Pull out fun fall pictures from years past and add them to inexpensive picture frames. I always like to get pictures of Spencer in a pumpkin patch, picking apples at the apple orchard, or sitting in a pile of leaves each year. I just went through his photo album and picked out a few colorful fall pictures that make me smile. Simple, inexpensive, and a great way to remember past fall experiences.
In other news:
Have you joined Home Depot's Garden Club yet, like I suggested HERE? I just received another coupon for mums in my email this weekend. And Home Depot had their mums on sale this week for $2.25. With the buy 2 get 1 free coupon, I got 3 - 6" mums for $4.50. What a great way to add fall color to your porch or brighten a friend's day on a budget!
Stay tuned - I have some fun things in store for you this week! I hope to show you the final fall touches on my front porch, the finale of my 6 month long bathroom redo, and some more Halloween decor...and I may throw in a recipe or two!

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