Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Saturday Thrill

Saturday was a great day for some garage salein' ! The weather was cool, but the sun was out...perfect conditions. The pickins' seemed a little slim at first (we decided it was due to Labor Day weekend), but we finally hit the jackpot at one of the last garage sales we hit. Here are some of my weekend finds:

I think I am developing a chair fetish.
Like I need another chair.
Just look at my some of my previous posts if you don't believe me.
This baby had a price tag of just $3. I couldn't just not take her home.
I guess you can never have too much seating, right?
Other finds:
Fall wreath for 50 cents
2 Rachel Ray cookbooks for 50 cents each
Small scraper from The Pampered Chef for 25 cents
(this retails for $8.50 in the PC catalog in case you were wondering!)
3 red, white, and blue star mirrors for $4
(totally having buyers remorse about these... could have gotten a better deal.)

White Cake Stand $1
Various glass candleholders 25 cents each
I see some more Dollar Tree candleholders in my future ;)
This cute red bench $5
The top opens up to reveal a little storage area.
I plan to put this at the end of Spencer's bed when he finally makes the transistion from crib to twin bed. That should be happening within the next couple of months as he is outgrowing his crib :( .
Of course I will show you some of the makeovers I have planned for these items...stay tuned!

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