Friday, September 10, 2010

Just a little more Dollar Tree lovin'

I promise Dollar Tree is not compensating me for professing my complete adoration for their store. And I promise that this will be the last post, at least for awhile, that expounds upon the wonderfulness of Dollar Tree.

I wanted to show you some of the other items I have discovered at Dollar Tree. I think often times dollar stores get a bad rap for having cheapy, worthless items or they are not a true everything is a dollar store. You can definitely find some cheapy stuff at Dollar Tree, but among the junk are some gems.

For instance, the picture above with the "Families are Forever" sign. The metal tin that is holding my faux greenery came from Dollar Tree's spring line of gardening products. It was a metal tin with orange and green paint sponged all over the etched leaf design. But a simple coat of spray paint makes it look more elegant and was the perfect container to hold this greenery. I looked at buying a similar tin at Michael's, but on sale it was still $6. For $1 and a little spray paint I already had on hand I have the look I wanted to achieve.

Other Dollar Tree items I enjoy:

Sometimes they have some great storage bins available. I bought several of these plastic baskets to hold my son's toys and they work great. For only $1.

Thank you to my sister-in-law, Krista, who introduced me to my next love. I think these diaper disposal bags are one of my favorite things from Dollar Tree. So handy to keep those smelly diapers under wraps. And you get 75 for only $1. You can't beat that - even at Wal-Mart.

Did you know Dollar Tree has a great selection of cute board books for kids?

Don't underestimate the food section of Dollar Tree. Yes, they sell food. There are definitely some good buys to be found. A 14 oz. package of animal crackers for $1. They also have some really good "fig newton" like cookies in apple and strawberry flavors that I enjoy. Another good find - jars of roasted red peppers. Roasted red peppers at the grocery store can be pricey. But the Dollar Tree jars are only $1 and they are good quality. I use them alot in dips and appetizers and love to put them on sandwiches.

I showed you the hurricane candleholders from the Dollar Tree, but here are some of the other variations you can make using the glass candleholders and vases available for only $1.

Other great items: picture frames (sometimes hit and miss), these removable, vinyl wanabe, wall stickers (says "Family: a gift that lasts forever"), and small favors in the wedding/baby shower section.

I am lovin' Dollar Tree's autumn/Halloween decorations. The fake crows are all the rage around blog land as are the glittery skulls. And if you are not a big fan of skulls, those are the faux leaves I used to fluff up my garage sale wreath - 10 for $1.

Another glass creation: Individual cupcake stands from candle dishes

Glue one of the tried and true glass candlesticks to one of these candle dishes (below). The dishes come in all different colors. I think these could make cute shower decorations...whether for cupcakes or candles!

A few Christmas ideas from last year.
Might get your mind thinking for the holiday season this year?

Dollar Tree had these small wreaths of berries or pine boughs with berries last year. Here is my recreation of a candleholder I had my eye on at Target last year. (The picture above is my dollar tree candleholder, the one below is the one from Target).

The pine bough version. Just a small wreath with a glass candleholder nestled in the middle. Total cost - $2
Not bad huh?
A few other things to note:
Dollar Tree has great party supplies.
Gift bags
greeting cards
helium balloons
($1 is a great price for these!)
So after this very long post, if you are still with me, I hope you have been inspired by the $1 possibilities. But beware, it makes it really tough to leave the Dollar Tree without at least $10 worth of stuff when you recognize the possibilities!

Happy Dollar Tree shopping!


  1. Great ideas! Also just to let you know, i have the girls pick out a new puzzle each time we go to the $ tree and they LOVE them. I'm surprised as to 1)how long ot keeps them entertained and 2) how good they are (even Addy) at putting them together by them selves. Great quite play time!!

  2. I love Dollar Tree too! I like to buy Olive oil there because it's outrageous at the grocery store. Also-sometimes good scrapbook stuff :) And when I was teaching preschool, they always had goodies! and the movie candy selection!! :)