Thursday, September 23, 2010

Halloween Vignette

I am joining my first blog party today!
And what better party to join than Melissa's @ 320 Sycamore, my favorite blogger ever!
Go check out some of the other great projects...
I am a Halloween lover. To the extreme. Some people only do fall. I try to have some fall decorations up at the beginning of the season, but inevitably Halloween begins to creep in little by little. I can't deny my love for Halloween any longer...
So here is my newest Halloween vignette:

Put together with things I had on hand or items from Dollar Tree.

(Please excuse the horrible lighting in the pictures. It is rainy and overcast here today and I don't have the benefit of any natural light.)

This witch sillouhette comes from a new blog Melissa introduced me to -
The Pink Peony of Le Jardin. You can check out her version HERE.

Lovin' the Shakespeare quote...
I just typed it in Microsoft Word and added a little clip art witch's hat. Then I cut it out and put it in a frame I already had. So easy and I think it was a nice finishing touch.

Notice the plastic fly taped to the cloche?
Love it. It just adds to the spook factor.

So here is the breakdown:

The witch silouhette was made using things I had on hand.
I also had the silver platter (Goodwill), black candleholder (Savers, spray painted black), Alfred Hitchcock book underneath the skull (Goodwill), small black frame, and cloche (Hobby Lobby).
Things I purchased from Dollar Tree to pull the display together:
black, tattered cloth covering the bookcase - $1
glittery skull - $1
candleholder underneath the skull - $1
black crow - $1
plastic, orange and black spiders, snakes, and bugs - $1
orange pillar candle (purchased at a garage sale last weekend) - 50 cents
I wrapped the candle with scrapbook paper and ribbon I already had on hand

Grand total = $5.50 + tax

Definitely Under $10 and put together in under 1 hour.
Happy Halloween!

You could still pull off this look on the cheap,
even if you didn't have some of the things I had on hand.

Dollar Tree has silver platters for $1

a glass vase from Dollar Tree for $1,
like the one I used to make hurricane candleholders
could serve as a cloche over the skull

Also, the Dollar Tree hurricanes could replace the candleholder
I used in the display for $2.

Dollar tree has a large assortment of picture frames you could use to hold a spooky Halloween quote - $1

Your total with these items added would be right at $10.


  1. I love the quote in the frame. The whole thing is to DIE for!! hahahaha

  2. Wow. What a lot of bang for your buck! I love the witch silhouette and the Shakespeare quote especially. Great job! Thanks for joining the party~happy weekend!

  3. Love your "scary" vignette! The witch silhouette is great. Isn't the dollar store great?!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. I made my own version, along with some help from a few other connected blogs. So fun!