Sunday, September 19, 2010

Football = Food

More pictures of food for you!
This was our weekend spread for the big Texas Tech vs. Texas game.
I didn't watch much of the game and Tech lost, but for me it is all about the food!
What is your favorite food to eat during a football game?
(No seriously, I want to know...that means leave a comment...please :) )

The Red and Black table

Chili and Fritos for Frito Pie
I had to spin it as Frito Pie instead of chili since it is still hot here in Texas.
Mmm...nothin' like a big pot of chili to feed a crowd in the fall!
You can find my favorite chili recipe HERE.
(I do modify this recipe quite a bit to be more tailored to our family's tastes)

Red Velvet cupcakes
Gotta support the Red and Black theme...

Blue Corn Chips (which look more black than blue...)
with queso, salsa, and quacamole

to support the Red and Black:
Hot Tamales
Twizzlers Pull and Peel
Red Vines

Smore Marshmallow Pops
(Sidenote: I found a bag of these jumbo size marshmallows at the grocery store a week ago. I was so intrigued by them and quickly snatched them up, even though I had no idea what I was going to do with them! Then I came across an idea, which I can't find where I found it now-sorry, to dip marshmallows in chocolate and roll them in crushed graham crackers. I knew that this would be great for my giant marshmallows!)

A great way to keep soda cold if you don't have axcess to a cooler or you don't need to fill up a whole cooler with drinks and ice. Or you don't have a fun metal, beverage tub/container. Use a metal baking pan full of ice to keep your drinks cold...

Go Tech!

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