Friday, November 26, 2010

A Peter Pan/Pirate Birthday Party

For my son's 3rd birthday he requested a Peter Pan party. Well if you have tried throwing a Peter Pan party lately you know it is nearly impossible to find Peter Pan party stuff anywhere! Tinker Bell, yes. Peter Pan, no. I guess Peter Pan is not the "in" thing right now. So we combined Peter Pan with a Pirate party in honor of Captain Hook and his gang of pirates. Here's a look at some of the party details:

Spencer requested strawberry cake for his birthday cake. Strawberry cake is pink and in an effort to make it more boyish/pirateish I tinted it with red food coloring, baked it in pirate cupcake papers and garnished them with these cute toothpick signs that say "Pirate's Life For Me."

The candy buffet table. For those of you who know me really well you know I love me a good candy buffet! (To see some of my past candy buffets: and
You can click on the picture above to see things in better detail. I gave each candy a name based on pirate life or Peter Pan. I borrowed a decorative trunk from my parents' to serve as a treasure chest for the pirate loot and nestled in several glass jars and vases along with some Dollar Tree hurricanes to hold the candy.
Buried Treasure: Rolos
Pirate Loot: Fruit Cream Candies in pirate wrappers
"Second Star to the Right" Bursts: Starbursts (Remember? Neverland was the second star to the right.)
Cod Fish: Swedish Fish (Peter Pan calls Captain Hook a Cod Fish alot in the movie)
Cannonballs: Whoppers
Pixie Dust: Pixie Sticks
Don't be afraid to think outside the box (or inside the box as the case may be!) for different candy buffet ideas.

* Most of the pirate party goods I found at Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby, two of my favorite stores!


  1. My favorite idea was the "cod fish." That was so cute!
    Also, I just noticed the irony in the strawberry cake. I made you eat straberry cake every year for my birthday growing up, and you were not pleased about it. Now that I don't make you eat strawberry cake anymore--your son wants it. hahaha. I love it.

  2. Wow, I love the creativity. I hope you took a lot of pictures so your son can truly appreciate it when he's older :)

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  4. Thank you!! My son really wants Jake and the neverland pirates themed birthday party and all the places that carry supplies for it are really expensive! This idea is genius and will make a simple and cost effective party!!