Monday, September 26, 2011

Recreating a Fall Wreath...on a budget

Isn't this wreath gorgeous? It's from Williams Sonoma (discovered via Pinterest) and will cost you $99.95. Wow. I love it, but I don't $99.95 love it.

How about this beauty? I fell in love. But for $75 on Etsy (discovered via Pinterest) I decided there had to be a better and cheaper way to get some of this autumn goodness.

Here is my handmade version for MUCH cheaper. * sigh * I love it.

I haven't decided if I like it better with the jute ribbon or the chocolate brown satin ribbon for the bow.
(The brown ribbon needs to be trimmed, I know. The ends need to be the same length...its making me twitch...something about not being symmetrical.)

What do you think?
Let me know in the comments.
I thought I liked the brown ribbon best but as I look at these pictures, I lean towards the jute ribbon.

Here is my cost breakdown:
Styrofoam wreath form from Hobby Lobby - $4 (on sale 1/2 price)
4 bags of reindeer moss from Dollar Tree - $4
Beaded pumpkins from Walmart - $5
Jute ribbon from Walmart - $2
Total - $15

Assembly was easy. Hot glue the reindeer moss all over the wreath form. Hot glue pumpkins. Tie a ribbon bow at the top and you have yourself a thrifty and beautiful wreath. I just love fall!

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P.S. The wreath inspiration was originally discovered on Pinterest. Yes, I have become a Pinterest addict. You can follow my boards HERE.


  1. Nicole, you've done it again! I LOVE this wreath! I really like the $99.95 wreath, I might try to recreate that one. ;) Love your ideas every time! PS I like the chocolate brown ribbon the most, but both are fantastic!

  2. This looks great! Your beaded pumpkins look vintage, so pretty! I love the chocolate ribbon, you did a beautiful job!

  3. I love the contrast of the brown against the other colors! :)

  4. Love it! I too saw those wreaths and fell in love, yours is perfect, I might have to make one myself! :) Thanks for linking with us, we are adding your to our inspiration post this afternoon!