Thursday, September 22, 2011

Recent Thrifty Finds...finally!

I have been SO behind in showing you some of the thrifty finds I have scooped up at garage sales this summer! While I have been crazy busy adjusting to life with 2 kids and nightly sleep deprivation, I have managed to hit some garage sales here and there. Here are some of my finds from the last several weeks:

lamp - $1
marble rolling pin - $2
(You can't beat a good marble rolling pin.
I grew up using one in my mom's kitchen, until it broke!)
small milk glass dish - 25 cents
tall glass jar - 25 cents
2 smaller apothecary jars - $1 each
(I may have a small addiction to glass jars...)
stack of hardback books - 25 cents each

Here is a close up of the hardback books I found for 25 cents each at a garage sale. That is an awesome price for hardback books - usually the cheapest I find them is 50 cents a piece, more often $1 a piece.

I have a bunch of projects that are in the works... including a fall wreath, my Halloween party invitations, a lamp makeover, and of course a couple of new recipes. I promise to show you soon!

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