Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some of my first 2011 garage sale finds...

Garage sale season is in full swing now! I thought I would show you some of my finds from the last few weeks:

"Mary, Mary quite contrary..." nursery rhyme framed print - $1
(I plan on re-framing this and possibly adding it to baby girl Davis's decor.
If I ever get a space to decorate as a nursery...)

tall coral colored metal pail - 25 cents

small green metal pail - 25 cents
(was a pale yellow color but I spray painted it...more to come on that later)

Farm tractor toy with animals - $1
(adding to Grandma's collection of toys for the grand kids!)

And finally my favorite find!
Wooden "paper" doll with yarn hair and felt clothes - $1
(pictured on the right - This brings me back to my childhood! I got a little nostalgic as soon as I saw this laying on the table at a garage sale. My sisters and I played with similar wooden "paper" dolls when we were growing up. Now baby girl Davis gets to play with one too!)

White gravy boat - 25 cents
remember my fetish for white dishes?

small glass jar - 25 cents

My most frugal find of all - a new bike for Spencer!
How much do you think I paid for it? about $3?
Yep. $3.

I was at a multi-family garage sale and one woman's husband pulled up with a truck load of more stuff for the garage sale. As soon as he pulled out this bike I asked the woman how much they wanted for it. She looked a little confused and said she didn't know her son wanted to sell his bike. The woman asked her husband about it and he said he wouldn't have brought it if their son had not wanted to sell it. When I asked her again how much she wanted for it she hesitated and said "I don't know...$3?" Seriously!? Only $3 for a bike that was in such great condition? I tried not to do a happy dance as I pulled $3 out of my wallet. I walked to my car really fast, just in case she realized I was practically stealing the bike from her :).

It was a serious garage sale thrill that day!

I'm so excited that garage sale season has begun - you never know what you can find!


  1. I wannna go with you sometime!

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  3. Anytime Karris! I usually go on Saturday mornings at're welcome to come along!