Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I couldn't resist the urge to spray paint...

Well, we are finally back in our house after the fire we had last month. Things are still not completely finished but we are getting there.

Unfortunately, my entire spray paint collection was destroyed in the fire and I have had this overwhelming desire to have some pretty colors of spray paint in my life again. I used this spray paint desire to make a change in our bathroom. We recently redid our bathroom (you can see the transformation HERE) and I found this lovely shower curtain at It brightens the room, hides the hideous accordion shower doors that are currently there, and brings in some delicious color. I seriously love it. I will be taking the shower curtain with me when I move from my in-laws house because I love it that much.

Yes, I know. It's gorgeous (needs ironing...). But I needed some gorgeous bathroom accessories to compliment this new brightness. And my thrifty calendar art was not cutting it...
Thrifty, but not bright.

So I found this beauty at Kohls on clearance and with a coupon I paid $10.
I loved the look but not the color.
Took a little Krylon Ivy Leaf Spray Paint to it...

Now it simply pops off the wall and pulls out some of that bright green color from the shower curtain. (Like my can of Oust and roll of TP? Just keepin' it real.)

I love the impact a little spray paint can make!

More spray paint makeovers to come!

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