Monday, December 6, 2010

Nativity Exhibit

I have been a little MIA lately when it comes to blogging. Want to know where I've been?

I have been straddling a ladder to decorate a 9ft. Christmas tree, arranging nativities, arranging more Christmas trees, collecting money for poinsettias, caroling with youth outside our church, walking around with special friends to see nativites, listening to heavenly music, etc. All things for the Stake Nativity Exhibit at church this past weekend. Here's my Christmas tree all lit up...

It was beautiful. More than I could have imagined. A feast for the eyes. Visually stunning. A spiritual boost. A perfect beginning to the Christmas season. I had the privilege of working with some amazingly talented women and men. There were over 400 nativities displayed with 75 countries represented. Here are just a few pics from the event, but you really had to see it for yourself to get the full impact...

(My friend Ashlee's nativity from Uganda. She is not a member of my church but was kind enough to loan it for this event. I thought it was so unique and different!)

I hope we can all remember the reason for the season...Merry Christmas!

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  1. I love nativities so much - wish I could have seen it!