Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Dollar Tree Hurricanes make their Christmas debut...

The Dollar Tree hurricanes are back and dressed for a Christmas party!
They served as the centerpiece for the party my parents hosted at their home this past Friday night. I continue to be amazed at how versatile they are... add a few Christmas fillers and they simply glow!

My favorite fillers were the 69 cent fat, candy cane sticks from Dollar Tree and the glittery reindeer ornament (also from Dollar Tree) and 99 cent green glitter tree from Walgreen's nestled in some fake snow.
I love them.
Festive and beautiful, yet simple and cheap.
Have you made your Dollar Tree hurricanes yet?


  1. I seriously love how many wonderful things you can do with those hurricanes . . . who'd have thought at the Dollar Store? Yours look great!

  2. Hey Nicole....

    I have been meaning to take a picture of what I did with my hurricanes for my table this Christmas. Unfortunately you are going to have to wait even longer, because I am here in Utah now, not at my house. No worries, when I get home in a week, I will take a pic and blog about it! I just haven't felt like blogging lately with this baby growing inside of me!!!! Love all of your ideas though. You are always an inspiration to me!!!