Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Tis now the very witching time of night"...the makings of a Halloween Dinner Party

Last night we had our annual Davis Halloween party - and I must say it was my favorite one yet! Here's a look at the details and decorations:

The theme for the decorations: Black and White
The costume theme: Classic Horror Films (to see pictures of the costumes, check out my family blog at
Dinner theme: Italian, multi-course, sit down dinner for 16 people. The food was all SO delicous!
Course 1: Appetizers and drinks = bruschetta and 3 mocktail choices
Course 2: Salad = Fabulous salad with strawberris, feta, and candied pecans
Course 3: Soup = "Kidney Soup" (Minestrone)
Course 4: Main Dish = Manicotti with garlic bread
Course 5: Dessert = pumpkin cheesecake or triple chocolate cheesecake

Enjoy some pictures of the decorations! I had so much fun putting it all together! I couldn't have done it without my fellow Halloween lover, Elizabeth, who provided a good portion of the serving pieces. If you would like more specific details, please leave me a comment and I would be happy to give you more specifics. I will say that "Dollar Tree" was definitely my go-to source for this party... (click on each photo to enlarge for more detail)

Dinner Table 1

The place settings - courtesy of Elizabeth

Dinner Table 2

The appetizer buffet with mocktail menu

The front porch

I love mason jars with votives to create some magic on the front porch...
It was certainly a night to remember!
Thanks to everyone who came and helped make the night special!


  1. Nicole, I found your blog after Krista linked it up through hers. (The Davis family and my family--The Boulters--go WAY back.) I am LOVING your party ideas and hope to steal many of them in the future!

  2. Oh my how I need you. We will be moving into our first house... that we own, no more renting... yay... and you are so stinkin' creative. Man, I should pay you to come and decor my whole house!!!

  3. Nicole, you are so talented. I'm impressed. Some of your recipes that I've snatched are also fun and fabulous.

  4. Anytime Gaylene! We could do a little, I decorate your house, you take pictures for me trade!

  5. Nicole, the table looks fantastic!! Right out fo a magazine! Great job!!

  6. VERY VERY CUTE!!! Thank you for linking up to my All Things Spooky series! xoxo!