Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Favorite Things

Just a few of my favorite things lately...

Scented wax for my Scentsy warmer for $2 a piece at Wal-Mart. Better Homes and Gardens brand near the candles. Mmm...makes the house smell fresh and clean.

Going to Sonic during Happy Hour and finding a free 44 oz. drink offer on the bottom of my receipt! Always check the bottom of your Sonic receipts for this survey offer - your carhop won't necessarily mention it to you. Gotta love happy hour and free drinks!

Donating stuff to Goodwill and getting a 30% off coupon to use at Gap.
Hmm...getting rid of stuff but being tempted to buy more stuff ;)

White Dishes. Love them. Have a slight addiciton to collecting them.
I'm not sure why it took me so long to realize their versatility.

This is no surprise to you - finding a good deal at a garage sale.
I found this 5 piece suit (jacket, pants, white shirt, vest, tie) for Spencer at a garage sale and snatched it up for $3. It is in perfect condition. The woman said her son only wore it once for a family portrait. AMAZING!

I am IN LOVE with this patio decor from Centsational Girl. L-O-V-E.
Maybe someday I will have a space like this... sigh.
You can see the entire patio HERE.

What are your favorite things lately?

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