Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some pot froofing... that even a word?

I have several projects I need to share with you, but since I have been battling the stomach flu, you get this pot update instead. Remember this $1 pot from a garage sale last year?

Here it is full of folliage next to the front door:

It makes me smile every time I walk by it :). I'm not quite sure what I love about it so much.

Maybe it's the sweet potato vine? I have been in love with sweet potato vine for quite sometime and I finally have some of my own! I imagine it spilling gracefully over the edge of my pot as it grows... The other plants I planted: dracaena spikes (the tall, spikey thing in the back), red petunias (love me some petunias!), and a small vinca plant in the front.

Is there something by your front door that makes you smile and welcomes guests to your home?

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