Monday, August 23, 2010

Home is where your story begins, so tell that story with pictures!

My in-laws have this large wall in their living room area that has not had anything hanging on it for as long as I can remember. Several years ago we started talking about how we could decorate it. It was decided that this would be a picture wall with lots of picture shelves adorned with frames. This would minimize holes in the wall and allow pictures to be changed out and moved around with ease. With 5 children all married and starting families of their own, my in-laws needed a place to put wedding pictures and pictures of grandchildren.

My mother-in-law bought some shelves for the wall and then they sat in the spare bedroom for several years...waiting to be hung - until several months ago. While my in-laws were out of town, I took the opportunity to finally arrange the picture wall. I dug through pictures, spray painted old frames black, collected other accessories, and spent a long evening with my husband as he hung the shelves and I decorated them. This is the final result:

(Please excuse the bad lighting in these pictures. This area does not enjoy much natural light and so you get these dark pictures.)

My goal was to unify all the pictures frames by spray painting them black and then mingle in some light colored accessories.
I encourage you not to be afraid of spray paint! I took a whole bunch of frames that were every color under the sun and made them sleek and streamlined by making them all the same color. Don't throw out old frames! Keep them and paint them as your tastes and decor change - it will save you money!

This wall has really become quite a focal point in the room.
It has created lots of interest for guests as they come to visit and has become a place of great memories in the Davis household.

What a beautiful reminder for my in-laws of what they have created...
All because two people fell in love.

Decorating with pictures is such a cheap and easy way to fill a space. I would also venture to say that pictures are more meaningful than any piece of artwork you could buy. I love walking into someone's home and being greeted by pictures of their loved ones!
Keep your eyes open at garage sales and thrift stores for picture frames on the cheap! You can also find narrow picture ledges at garage sales too. I just picked up a set of 2 shelves for $3 at a garage sale a couple weekends ago.


  1. I of course am partial to all the cute people in those pictures, but really as I have said before, the wall looks great! Thanks for giving me ideas to start decorating my home, Oh how I wish you were here to help me do that! Maybe I will have you help me through video and pictures?!?!

  2. Love the blog! I will probably have to steal some of your that ok? :) I love the collage of frames and shelving--so cute!

  3. I absolutely love that wall. That was such a big space and you made it look effortless!