Friday, August 20, 2010

A Bridal Shower

I always love to see pics of a great party or shower. However, I can't take credit for this beautiful bridal shower. I contributed homemade sugar cookies, but that was it. I just thought I would show some pictures of the hostess's work:

The food table.
Love me some pics of a beautiful food table!

Chicken salad sandwiches.
Love the cute little flower picks!
The hostess handmade them by gluing little paper flowers from Hobby Lobby onto toothpicks. It's all in the details...

The sugar cookies I made :)
Nothing displays cute desserts better than a three tiered stand...
and a simple tulle bow to finish it off!

Notice the floral arrangement?
The hostess arranged the flowers in a clear container but she didn't want all the stems to show. So she took some fake grass and swirled it around in the container to hide the stems. Genius!

The cute M&M favors.
Pretzel M&Ms are the bride's favorite.

Guests could take a favor from this tiered basket on their way out.
Lovin' the tiers again!

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  1. Your cookies are so so cute! You make everything look so easy!