Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hi, my name is Nicole and I like STUFF.

It's true. I like STUFF. STUFF makes me happy. Sometimes. Not just any STUFF. Decorating STUFF. Entertaining STUFF. STUFF that has the potential to make life more beautiful. The whole process of acquiring STUFF can provide quite the thrill. I am a bargain hunter. The thrill of the hunt gives me a nice dose of adrenaline. I have become quite the impulse buyer. When you garage sale you have to be impulsive or someone else will buy it right out from under you.

However, when you are dealing with the kind of space issues that I am, it is difficult to continue acquiring STUFF and not start feeling overwhelmed. The past week I have felt this overwhelming need to PURGE. Get rid of. Donate. Throw away. I have also read a lot of blogs in the last few weeks that have strengthened my desire to simplify my life. Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick tells about her journey with stuff HERE. I love that Jen is sharing her desire and journey to create a House of Order. She has a lot of good tips.

I hope that my desire to conquer my STUFF can have an impact on you too. What STUFF do you need to get rid of? Take a look around. Are there things in your home that are keeping you from living the kind of life you want? Let's help each other out. Maybe we could start a support group for "Lovers of STUFF." Would you come to our meetings :) ?

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